The m:Lab students showcased their innovative Mobile applications, the presentation of projects took place on 14th June 2013. A Total of 22 mobile apps were exhibited in a workshop attended by the Ken Mwenda, MD eMobilis LTD, John Kieti,m:lab Manager East Africa, Prof. Waiganjo Wagacha ,UON and representatives from the GrowthHub.

The showcased mobile applications were;

TB Regimen: This is an application that schedules and manages the TB regimen of new pulmonary TB patients for the 6 months treatment regimen.

UNICAT: UNICAT is a mobile app that enable library users to not only search their library catalogues with ease but also cross search other libraries in Kenya.

mChild: Vaccination date reminder and child development milestones updater.

Will.i.ReachIts augmented reality application designed to provide students with rich aggregated specialized and captivating content.

My Courier: My Courier connects the courier companies with their clients to offer a safe and fast products delivery.

MitMe: An android Application that will fence a particular geographical area, notifies a friend when you  enter the area.

Textionary: An sms english-swahili dictionary and translator, aims to target low end devices.

Moments: “Moments” is a social app for smartphones that uses the face detection feature and enables users to tag the various faces that have been detected in an image.

Matokeo: A Mobile app which will ensure parents with children in high school get the exam results of their kids in real time. Alerts on events, fees etc.

Gate Pass: An Application that registers Vehicle details e.g. Car Number plates and generate a bar code, as they access the building through the gate.

Niko Alert: This is an automated notification system that will help to notify customers of the arrival of goods at the dry port, via text message.

KuKu: Mobile App for production, sales and expenditure record keeping among poultry farmers for better farm management and performance evaluation.

DCT App: A point of care app for medical doctors, allows data collection for the doctors daily activities.

Get Pizza: A mobile application for PIZZA purchase and order, Targets the local PIZZA shops.

Arrive Alive: The application calculates the speed of a moving vehicle and alerts the driver on over speeding, gives alerts on road safety.

Sing Along: This App enables people to record their own songs from their mobile phone by singing along already existing beats. It’s an entertaining App.

lostNfound: A service that helps people track lost documents and also get notifications on processed items they have applied for when they are ready for pick up.

UhasibuMtaani: A platform for enabling the kiosk owners track their financial statements and it also generates financial reports.

TOWA-SMS: Provides a platform for the public and HIV/AIDS counselors to interact via SMS system.

iLocate: An SMS/Android Application that provides offices targeting the SMEs in Kenya. Provides Alerts on new sites available.

TextMate: A Simple mobile application that provides users to create groups i.e family, students, advisors, club members etc. users can schedule text messages and send to a specified group at once.

Skoobox: Students social networking platform that enables students to Connect, Engage and share academic resources.


Students during lab presentation:

lab presentation daylab presentation day


The students are about 2 months away from the end of their training program and a number of them are already churning out useful mobile applications.

This story is reposted from Fomobi – m:lab Trainees Churn Out Mobile Apps Startup. For more information about *iHub_, please visit

Since March 1, 2011, the m:lab has been training the first wave of students on mobile application development. The training is facilitated by eMobilis working with the World Wide Web foundation, both of whom are m:lab consortium members. The World Wide Web Foundation contributes to building the curriculum, materials and structure of the training sessions as well as develop a repository of information for future entrepreneurs.

The students are about 2 months away from the end of their training program and a number of them are already engaged in entrepreneurial activities. This is as a direct result of application of the knowledge they have acquired coupled with their investment in the social capital from among the pool of trainees.

One of the startups resulting from the m:lab training is Fomobi, which is a team made up of students Carolyne Muchai, Nelson Bore, Dickson Ng'ang'a, Joshua Okemwa and Jacob Mwema.

Fomobi was established by a team of 5 m:lab trainees and in a short time has churned out a number of mobile applications including:

M-tracker A solution that adds value to the asset tracking industry by providing ease of navigation and real-time data for assets around the globe on basic phones

Smart-shopper A mobile application that provides price comparison across stores prior purchasing

E-utility An app tailored for the Ugandan market to enhance the process of revenue collection and cut costs for the utility providers while providing real-time and accurate data to the user.

Pal Project A project management tool aimed at keeping members of a team in sync with each other as they work on different tasks of a project using milestones and notifications.

No-CancerNo-Cancer provides facts, nutrition guide, expert take on various topics and cancer-survivors testimonials and advice in a bid to bridge the knowledge gap among Cancer patients.

KMSThe Fomobi Knowledge Management System is tailor made for NGOs, enabling them to present information in an easy to read way while allowing sharing, distribution, storage and analysis.

Fomobi builds its products on bulk-sms systems, mobile web, web platforms and USSD. They also engage in system design and implementation, ICT consultancy and training.

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