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Ajira Digital Program

The AJIRA Digital Program is a Government initiative launched and driven by the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs (MoICT) whose Mission is to enable 1 Million Kenyan youth to earn a decent wage from digital and digitally-enabled jobs annually, in the Gig and Freelancing economy through Training and Demand linkages.

The program seeks to position Kenya as a choice labour destination and a Business Process Outsourcing Hub for multinational companies as well as to encourage local companies and the Public Sector to create Digital Work.

eMobilis is the principle MoICT partner tasked with operationalization of existing Ajira Youth Empowerment Centers (AYECs) as well as hiring and managing the key leads for 106 AYECs established across Kenya as part of operationalizing these Centers so that any Kenyan youth to access connectivity, computer equipment, resources, training, mentorship and support to embark on their journey for dignified work through digital and digitally enabled opportunities for earning

eMobilis is also tasked and mandated with institutionalizing Ajira Digital clubs and Curriculum at selected higher level learning institutions (Universities and TVETS) as an additional access point for training, mentorship and online work career fairs.

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Youth and Unemployment

Africa’s young and vibrant population is eager and motivated to affect change, coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. However, young people account for nearly 60 percent of Africa’s unemployed according to a World Bank report: The World Development Report (WDR) 2019: The Changing Nature of Work. Unemployment impedes economic development since youth who experience a delay in starting out in the labour force tend to continue lagging behind with regards to income growth and earnings after they get employed. In Kenya, only 17% of the working population is formally employed. Those between the ages of 15-34 years’ account for 84% of the unemployed population.

Technology/Gig economy:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has the potential without a doubt in engaging young people in meaningful digital work while raising global income levels. Those who have gained the most from it have been those who are able to access and use digital technology, (African Development Bank Group (AfDB), 2019).

According to the Youth Impact Labs report by Mercy Cops, the Kenya online Gig Economy which is valued at $109 million, employs a total of 36,573 gig workers. In the next five years, it is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 33%, with the total size of the gig economy reaching $345 million and employing 93,875 gig workers by 2023.


With the development of skills programs and initiatives such as Ajira Digital which introduces young people to digital and digitally-enabled work, more young Kenyans will be able to leverage the gig economy especially through major gig economy employers such as Upwork, Fiverr, iBuild, Kuhustle, iWriter, Uber, Safeboda, Lynk, Jumia, Range etc to shape the continent’s transformation and improve economic growth.

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