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USSD Course

The USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Course is designed to help you learn how to create USSD applications used my many organizations and businesses to build real time interactive experiences for your users that is accessible on both feature and smartphones. You will build reliable USSD apps and start delivering scalable solutions to your users!.

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Course Details

Learn to create applications that can be used by any phone, even if there is no internet

This course costs Ksh 25,000

It will take one month to complete

Registrations are Ongoing.

Uses of USSD applications

Types of SMS - Two-way SMS (shortcode), Premium SMS (selling content to users using SMS) and branded SMS (sender ID/alphanumeric)

USSD menus navigation - Going forward, going back and going back to main menu

Testing USSD menus using postman and ngrok

Connecting USSD application to MySQL database

Testing USSD application using simulator/sandbox

Designing USSD menus.

Handling Invalid entries in USSD menus.

Adding SMS functionality to USSD application.

Moving USSD application from sandbox to live environment.

Monetizing USSD and SMS application.

Knowledge of any backend programming language e.g PHP, Javascript or Python.

Prepare to build world class web apps!.

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