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Eunice Allela

Ever walked into a room of people doing the same course as you and it all seeming like something alien to you? Well this was me in 2016 on my second year in campus pursuing Computer Science surrounded by a group of people (mostly men) talking about Software Development and tools with Dark Mode activated (I used to call it the hacking screen) all trying to come up with solutions to societal problems.

I had been pulled into a hackathon by a friend and everyone except me knew what they were doing(or so I thought).The fact that I had little knowledge of basic software development skills and was in a male dominated field inspired me to apply for the MIT course at MobiGirlz under the DOT Connect Scholarship which aimed at providing hands-on training on Mobile Software Development.

Over the 3 month period, I was able to get equipped with tools, skills and resources that would later on aid me in my career as a Software Engineer, be able to share the knowledge that I had gained with others and winning the Innovate Counties Challenge Kisumu in 2017(I designed and created a hardware that was monitoring sewer levels with the aim of reducing the number of spillages that result into poor sanitation and pose as a health hazard more so to children below the age of 5)

After MobiGirlz, I signed up to coach Technovation Girls and was able to guide high school students to develop apps for the Technovation Challenge. A few months after completing the MobiGirlz program, I got a call to facilitate Africa CodeWeek in Kangemi and Kibera Resource Centres where I was tasked with training attendees on Game Development using scratch. A year later I joined eMobilis as one of the Learning Facilitators (Lecturer) and with this I was able to also train 101+ students over a 3-month period.

While focusing on gaining more experience and learning as much as I could, I volunteered as the chapter co-lead for GDG Kisumu (Google Developer Groups) with a focus on increasing the visibility of women in technology through the Women TechMakers Program and later on being a GHC Scholar for the year 2019. I currently work as the Developer Ecosystem Community Manager at Google and I believe that taking the bold step of applying for the MobiGirlz scholarship and being a part of this has contributed highly to who I am today.