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Lydia Gathoni

I was thrilled when I got the opportunity among 24 other ladies to receive software development training at eMobilis. The lessons were great by a passionate lecturer and the staff at Emobilis were very supportive. I got the chance to learn web programming, Java and Android in a very clear way which was practical and involving. 

eMobilis had received over 250 applications from young women across the country for the DotConnect sponsored, Miss Africa Seed competition training program.

While at eMobilis, my project dubbed 'Little Steps' emerged second position for the end of module projects which was about teaching young children on the basic of learning, the alphabets, number, colors, shapes and nursery rhymes. 

That opportunity was very pivotal in charting my path in Technology as I got to interact with other ladies and the lecturer. I researched in various fields and did a number of projects in the same. 

I am currently doing a lot in the Data Science and Machine Learning space where we are using data to get meaningful insights and develop models that bring about solutions. Recently I was involved in project that uses Computer Vision to detect crop disease in wheat for farmers. The model was to be embedded in a mobile application where the farmers will be able to take photos of the wheat crop and the model would tell them whether the wheat is infected or not. 

I am eternally grateful to the sponsors for that opportunity and I am looking forward to build solutions and make impact in this space.”