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Nixon Kipkorir Tonui

My name is Nixon Kipkorir Tonui, a God-fearing person, Tech enthusiast and Software engineer: mainly dealing with mobile programming i.e. Android Kotlin/Java. Back end programming using Kotlin Java, Springboot, Laravel PHP, Relational databases-MySQL and Postgres Graph databases- Neo4j

Which University and Course did you study:

I am currently a facilitator at eMobilis for the Software Development course, Data Science and Python.

Current role:

I am currently a facilitator at eMobilis for the Software Development course.

How did you find out about eMobilis:

I always had a liking for mobile devices and I hoped to get a chance to study J2ME (Java for programming the small devices especially the Nokia Symbian Phones). While in Form Four at Kericho High School, our Computer Studies teacher brought brochures from eMobilis, a Tech Institution. We did their eSATs and all the students who passed were to be granted a partial scholarship. Luckily enough, I got the chance to study at eMobilis. This was my first time to travel to Nairobi and I was very excited, yearning to quench my J2ME thirst and develop a website.

When did you join eMobilis and what courses did you undertake:

I joined the MIT program back in 2014. My trainer made a big impact as he ignited my fire in tech. The lecturers were friendly and patient with me while learning. I used to have an afternoon class, but preferred to come in the morning so that I could use the school’s computer for practice before my afternoon class. This is how I found myself interacting with the wonderful lecturers. The community and environment that eMobilis created was a life-changing one, from students, facilities, staffs, the trip to Safaricom for a Tech talk. The fire lit at eMobilis didn’t die when I joined campus, Infact, during the first university hackathon, I managed to help one of the teams to create a USSD based system. This was just a week after joining school. I got recognition from my colleagues and an opportunity to be part of the tech community at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology called Computer Society of Kimathi. Eventually, my involvement with the club helped me become the President from the year 2016 to 2018. I was also part of the GDG (Google Developers Group) Nyeri Chapter.

Mention any interesting project you have worked on or are working on currently.

Some of the exciting projects that I have worked on over the years include:

Would you recommend others to join eMobilis and why?

You need to join it like yesterday! It is definitely worth your time. I am a witness to it as several doors have opened up for me.

What recommendations do you have for eMobilis.

My wish is for eMobilis to have other branches in major cities. This is to enable more people to benefit from the coding skills as it sometimes hard for people to relocate due to accommodation challenges. Additionally, the online classes should continue to go on in order for more people to learn about the different Programming languages.

Parting shot.

Dream big, stay positive, work hard and enjoy the journey!.