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Videlis Omwenga

Am a bachelor of commerce graduate from the University of Nairobi. I completed my accounts degree in December 2014.

I came into contact with web development in 2012 when I was a second year through a friend who used to do web design. I learnt HTML and CSS languages on my own and started making simple websites with the two languages.

Recently, I got interest to make even better websites and decided to enroll for MIT at Emobilis. My major interest was to learn PHP and the best part is that I happened to learn more stuff including bootstrap, MYSQL, JAVA among other related topics.

I have done a number of projects including a DJs website, a real estate website, a blog and my recent major project was designing an accounts system for the company am working with.

It doesn’t matter which educational background one has but interest and commitment makes one to learn more.

The boring part about accounts is that it doesn’t add creativity but IT makes one creative since one has to try and make a system that has never existed before i.e. bus booking system, uber, Jumia website e.t.c

My next objective is to learn Python and Kotlin programming languages.