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Victor Muchiri

My name is Victor Muchiri, a 4th Year Medical student at the University of Nairobi. Immediately after high school I enrolled for CPA classes as I awaited to join Campus. Medicine has been my passion since childhood, and when I was in second year back in 2017, I developed an interest in technology and wanted to learn how to integrate technology in solving medical problems. This is when my friend referred me to eMobilis where she had undertaken an MIT course which had greatly helped her. On inquiry, I was informed of different courses and I chose Python for Web as it5 would be of great assistance in the data and analytics field. I created a project called Panacea which was basically a website designed for all medical solutions.

Late last year during my long holiday break, I was seeking to find a way to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Medicine. I proceeded to inquire from eMobilis, where I found out that there was course on Data Science which was exactly what I needed. The class was very interactive and practical oriented. Being one of the pioneer students of Data Science, it was one of the best classes due to the mode of teaching that was implemented. My project was on the diagnosis of Pneumonia using Artificial intelligence. Basically, one would easily test and find out whether they have pneumonia using X-Ray tests. This was a proof of concept and I intend to expand and scale the project.

Data Science is an eye-opening and interesting course that opens a world of opportunities. I would recommend this course to as many people as possible and would advise eMobilis to conduct workshops on the same to create awareness and exposure to a field of experts. My intention is to continue integrating Machine learning in Medicine.