1. 1. Student property:
    A student may not keep any property in the Institute premise without written permission. Such permission may be refused or withdrawn without assigning any reason thereof. The institution will not be responsible for damage or theft of a student’s property.

  2. 2. eMobilis property:
    A student or group of students will be held responsible for any damage to the institution’s property resulting from misuse, accidental or willful destruction of such property by that student or a group of students. Disconnection of computers and other accessories is not allowed. All property, phones, PC’s, confidential content belonging to the institution must be returned to the authorized staff member immediately after class. NO student should go home with property belonging to the institution.

  3. 3. Academic responsibility:
    Attendance of lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical and other scheduled courses of instruction is compulsory. A lecturer may authorize non-attendance due to illness or other good cause if communicated in advance.

  4. 4. Change of program:
    Students may, subject to the approval of the authorized member(s) of staff, seek to change the programme for which they are registered, or their mode of attendance, normally not later than the end of one week of any academic term.

  5. 5. Noise:
    It shall be an offence against Institute regulations to create unreasonable noise or behave in an unruly or rowdy manner to the disturbance or annoyance of other occupants of the Institute premise or adjacent premise.

  6. 6. Procession:
    It shall be a serious offence for any student or group of students whilst in the Institute to convene organize, participate or in any way be involved in any unauthorized gathering or procession or in any riots or strikes. This constitutes grounds for expulsion.

  7. 7. Foods and Drinks:
    No food stuffs or drinks are allowed in labs or classrooms.

  8. 8. Correspondence:
    Correspondence to the administration must be done through class representatives

  9. 9. Attendance:
    Attendance at scheduled examinations or completion of an app development project is mandatory to graduate.

  10. 10. Refunds:
    Fees are neither refundable nor transferable

  11. 11. Badges:
    Students must wear badges whilst in the Institute premises. NO student will be allowed to enter class without a badge.

  12. 12. Drunkenness:
    Drunkenness and disturbance of other students will constitute a serious offence.

  13. 13. Care in the Computer lab:
    The lab contains expensive computers. Students may not disable the antivirus, use accelerators, download unauthorized or malicious material (music, porn etc) or access the internal components. Any such offence will attract a financial penalty and the student will be responsible for paying to repair damage caused.

  14. 14. Fees payment:
    Please note that you will not be eligible for admission until the appropriate fees are paid. Fees payments must be made through Commercial Bank of Africa Ltd in favor of eMobilis MTA Limited, Bank a/c no 6656220011. Cash payments are not acceptable. Total fees must be cleared within 30 days upon admission. Students must submit the banking slip to obtain a receipt from the Accounts and Administration department.